Have you ever thought about your “Comfort Zone”?

“Comfort Zone” is a misnomer because its anything but comfortable, its simply a place which is familiar. The “comfort zone” is not where you can fulfill your bucket list.

Do you have a dream or a desire that you have justified putting off? What's the excuse?

  1. Fear that you can't do it
  2. You don't know how
  3. You are worried about the consequences
  4. Other reasons

One thing is certain, that is you don't have time! Young people often think they have plenty of time, but even this is not pre-ordained.

There's a lot said and written about Emotional Intelligence, which among other things, includes a willingness and the ability to try new things, along with a desire for growth and change. After birth there are two things that are inevitable, death and change.

Magic happens outside of the comfort zone. Magic is unexpected; you can prepare the way for it, set your mind for it, but it needs you to let go of the reins of control for it to happen. For the mind to stay healthy it has to stay open, and this means doing things you haven't done or experienced before, building new neural pathways and expanding the plasticity of the mind.

If you keep repeating what you've done before you'll always remain wondering. If only........ and there lies the challenge of wondering, longing, stuck, frustrated and still dreaming. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel movie offered a challenge that everyone but one took. Just one person was stuck in their old paradigm, structure, and prison of her own making. Will that be you? Are you able to say “Hell, No!”

So who is the you on the other side of the comfort zone? Do you dare to look?

The BE-GREAT Retreat and the Best Exotic Marigold Retirement Plan offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to break out of prison and explore outside the comfort zone in a safe, supported and exciting container. Simply bring yourself and your willingness, and let Magic happen.




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