What is BE-GREAT and how do you “be great”?

There are many thousands of teachers, speculators, instructors and coaches speaking about getting to a place of peace. Quite a lot of them actually know what they're talking about, and a lot of their audience think they know what their teacher, guide is telling them. The challenge isn't knowing but applying something.

Edgar Cayce was known as the “sleeping prophet” and in many of the readings he gave for people he would start with the phrase “know that each soul constantly meets its own self”. This is a very useful restating of the ancient adage of “know thyself”.

We hear a lot of theory being talked about, and models are brilliant and useful, but there are no words in being great. A number of years ago I had a fully fledged isolation tank. There was no light at all, almost imperceptible sound and only the slightest of temperature sensation. I would float on the surface of the Epsom salts contemplating inner space. One day I happened to consider that in the darkness I had no perception of space at all. I knew the walls of the tank were only a few centimetres away but I was suspended in an infinite world. Not only was I unable to sense the edges of perception but I had no idea whether I was floating above the ground or I was face down suspended from the ceiling. I could explore this in my mind but it was simply pointless because I had no points of reference, and then my mind stopped.

Not only had space extended into infinity, but time had become eternity. My heart was beating, that much was obvious, because I was witnessing the pulse. I could have put my mind onto something and conjured it up, but if not I was completely empty, a very rewarding emptiness. This was a space that had no location at all. If anything it was a core, a centre, the heart-space.

We are often encouraged to come to our hearts, and it seems as if it is the physical heart that holds this speciality, and from there jumps to somehow getting in touch with feelings and then emotions. So what if this heart-space is a centre beyond location, how will you discover it?

In this world of paradox, you have to define something before you can let go of it. You need to know exactly what it is that you're letting go of. You have to witness the thing, experience, pain, suffering, addiction or whatever, and then you have to witness letting it go, moving out of it. The two positions of witness are not the same. One witness is located in time and space and the other is located in eternal infinity. It is a shift in perception from Being to Being Great.

I have been researching consciousness all of my life, and consciously at least fifty years. Its a very long time, and I don't believe I have finished yet. Like all things the further you get the more subtle the distinctions and the more powerful they become. An early teacher of mine said something that has stayed with me. She said, “I can't show you how to get there, only the paths through which I have trodden”. Its such a powerful truth. Every individual is unique, and every path is uniquely their own. I can demonstrate techniques, offer prescriptions, and explore the signposts with you.

You are still a great spiritual being exploring consciousness on your own terms. Should you choose to ignore the signposts, turn back through fear, become lost in pride, or pity, it is your journey, your book you are writing.



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