What are the gains despite the odds visiting Jaipur for a month or less?

          Answer:  The Rajasthani culture is a strong one, and to be inspired by

The people hold a natural pride in who they are and most have a humility about them

There are plenty of Palaces to view, Jaipur is the City of Kings gone by.

The climate is a dry heat up to 35 degrees, little humidity in July/August, a perfect escape from the Pacific's winter during July to November each year.

Wonderfully cheap yet quality jewelry to buy, and clothes to have made from exquisite materials especially cotton and silk fabrics.

Great Bollywood movies to see and to have a laugh about.

Great other attractions to see outside of Jaipur like the Taj Mahal in Agra, visit Mavli where the original movie was shot for the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Auveydic Medicine which offers sometimes better solutions for health complaints

Travelling on Indian trains is a great way to see India and to meet beautiful people

How much money will I need to see attractions during my stay

Answer:   Most Attractions are NZD$10-18, 500-800 INR each

Food at restaurants vary, the more traditional on average $5 per meal

Restaurants Catering for Europeans up to $10-15 each per meal

Your Exchange Fee with the NZD will be variable $1 to 800 Indian Rupee

Ola Taxi rides vary on distances, but on average they are 1/5 the price of Western countries Cabs. Tuk services $1-2, 100-500 Rupees per ride.

What happens if I get ill during my stay

Answer:   There is an on call Doctor at your Hotel

There is an Ayurvedic Hospital in close proximity to your hotel

There is a local Medical Hospital within 10 kms of your hotel

There are ambulances arranged by the Hotel

Your Tower Insurance policy covers you for up to $2000 medical costs

However, you are asked to state your long term medical issues before flying to India with our or your insurance company.. your premium will be more.

What happens if I become ill and can't fly out of Jaipur when the tour ends

Answer:   Your medical Insurance will part cover you and the balance you would pay additional costs.

The Guides will support you as well as they can in tandem with the closest reputable Hospital & their staff and your family. You will not be deserted.

If you die while in Jaipur, we have made arrangements with the Natural Funeral Company in Auckland, NZ to guide your body and your family throughout that process. For other nationals, its advised to make your own arrangements with your choice of funeral company.

What happens if I don't get on with someone in the group

Answer:  Your Tour Guides will facilitate conflict resolution or support both parties to take the opportunity to see the origin of their triggers.

What happens if I wish to leave the Retreat, do I get a refund

Answer: Your flights, insurance, visa fees, food & water you have consumed, airport transfers and Retreat fee, for any reason other than an emergency, is non refundable.

However The Guides will assist you in relocating to another Hotel for the duration of your stay if warranted. The Guest is responsible for additional costs for the other Hotel and food etc.

Guests are free to leave the Tour at any time, however the guides will urge you to use the urge to leave, to discover something about yourself that you might be new to, as well.

Can I get involved with Community Work

Answer: We encourage any voluntary community work guided by our Hotel Staff and other contacts we have.

How involved can I get with the Hotel Staff

Answer: They are very willing to chat with you if they are non busy, but you'll find it hard to break into their busy days with other guests they are attending to as well as you for Hotel requirements.

What happens if I develop allergies to Jaipur dust

Answer: The local pharmacies carry anti histamines, or you could try Ayurvedic preparations as well.

What happens if there is a sudden death at my home country and I have to leave the Tour

Answer: Every means to support you will be available for whatever your needs are to fly home. You will receive a refund for the balance of your Retreat fee and some of daily costs.