How will I Participate?

During the trial exploration period the guests will participate in a variety of interactions and meetings with the training team, and other participants. The purpose of these interactions is to explore current or residual life difficulties, complaints, ideas, and beliefs (especially about age, aging, or retirement). Each participant will be encouraged to express whatever opinions they have about life in general, their life specifically, what they still want to experience (their bucket list), unfinished projects or liabilities, any disappointments, frustrations and pretty much anything else.

As these sharing activities unfold, each person will learn to listen without interrupting, to capture any judgments or reactions they have about what other participants have to say, or want to do. The point to remember is that you don't have to like it, you are on your adventure not saving someone else from their foolhardiness. You will already have discovered life is too short to worry about somebody else, in fact you may discover that worrying about them is what stole life from you.

Such meetings will last about 2 - 3 hours each day, some in the morning and some at evening, in other words before participants start out each day with some activity or thought exercise to explore during their daily experience; they will be invited to share what happened during a previous outing or event. Participants are able to explore other potent techniques and practices that are proven to help people shift old existing patterns and beliefs, without interfering with the focus on self-responsibility.

It must be remembered that while the exploration is done within a group, the experience is intently private. Participants will have plenty of time to explore the environment and city on their own, or join in organised events and activities. It should be clear from the outset that the month has the purpose of discovery, a way to find out whether the programme is something that you would like to take on as a way of being within a community dedicated to conscious, quality living.

A month is actually only a very short time to explore and taste a different way of living, nor is it expected to be easy, neither too challenging. Current research shows the popularity of such an opportunity, and so the first intake will be filled very quickly. This is a rare experience, so if you feel drawn, take action and contact us.


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