Francis Evans

Like many people who saw the film, Francis wanted to recreate the possibilities. Thus began a two year search, with Delaine, for an ideal location to trial the concept. This search lead across Bali, Indonesia, to Southern India, and finally to Rajasthan. They also visited the Ravla Khempur hotel outside of Mavli, the location used for the movie and found it less appropriate for the project.

Then, out of nowhere appeared another 300 year old palace, hidden away on the edge of the Pink City, a perfect location. The next piece was to ground in the product from a concept to a experiential reality. Reflecting on years of personal development and counselling work we have combined the best that psychology and metaphysics have to offer and have arrived at a collective system to give participants a qualitative shift in awareness.This, metaphorically, is a doorway through which a person may step, and having done so gains an entirely new and unexpected perspective into the way consciousness operates. It is not a New Age system but a private exploration of all the ideas, thoughts and beliefs you have considered life to be.


From the late 1970's to the present day, Francis has been a leader in the human potential movement. His influence has often been behind the scenes, or more truthfully in front of the scenes. He has been a leading thinker and adopter of new thought and concepts. Beyond everything Francis is real and without pretense. An ordinary man with extraordinary talents.

Francis is by nature a researcher and synthesiser of psychological technology that opens doorways into the creation and experience of personal reality. He has worked with natural hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, neuro-semantics, archetypal astrology, delivered the Avatar Course for 20 years, created the ART Course for relationships, is a trance channel, works as a metaphysical counsellor, Enneagram and with the Path of Toltec. Each one of these modalities and principles builds a greater appreciation of the nature of reality, how physical, emotional and psychological health interrelate and the historical position a human is in the present moment.

It is against this background that Francis and Delaine have built, refined and honed the BE-GREAT Marigold programme. BE-GREAT is an acronym for Best Exotic Graceful/Golden Retirement Exploration and Adventure Training. It explores the energies that bind together the Physical or the Manifest, e.g. the law of attraction, and the invisible energies behind that. Beyond these energies is the Oneness or Containing field from which we emerge, and to which we return. It is finding the grace of this return and preparing for it that the Marigold Project is primarily concerned.  It is simply the grace of passing through the veil. BE-GREAT contains confidential technologies and techniques not found anywhere else.


Francis was born in September 1948 in England, emigrated to New Zealand at the age of 14 with his family and has lived there since then. He has 3 grown sons and 3 grandchildren. While so much of his background and study is in psychology and metaphysics he originally studied chemistry and chemical engineering. This amalgamation brings about a unique scientific view and evidential appraisal of the experience of the natural world.

The Marigold Retirement Plan is the culmination of all these years of study and refinement into a programme imbued with grace and clarity. This is a programme that should not be missed being presented by the founders.

Delaine Jones

After watching the movie Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Delaine, like many others, fell in love with it, and the vision it presented. As she now approaches 60, Delaine is determined never to be shuffled into an ordinary retirement home, with a safety rail and panic button; she has decided to stay as fit and healthy as possible for the rest of her life by managing her lifestyle choices.

Both husband Francis, and Delaine are highly experienced personal development trainers and innovators, so they teamed up and formulated a vision, then found a way to anchor it into reality. It is a bold concept to bring the Best Exotic Marigold Retirement Plan into life. A very real opportunity that offers people adventure in retirement as a viable option to what else is on offer, worldwide....

The result was to create an exciting approach they nick-named BE-GREAT, a personal development retreat specially designed for the adventurously retired, or pre-retired, wanting or at least willing, to embrace living a healthy lifestyle and reviewing their beliefs about age and transitioning, in the background of a different culture. This man had the most amazing smile and showed once again that the best discoveries are made outside of the comfort zone. I approached him for a picture of his radiant smile.. he was so pleased to give it to me, otherwise I wouldn't have gone near him for fear of being sold something.

Delaine is a New Zealander, from Auckland.  Her counselling career began in her late 20's and she still has clients referred to her in her late 50's. Her skills and experience have helped thousands of people of all walks of life and all ages. Being strongly intuitive and practical, people trust her skill in guiding them to gain so much more than they imagined, stepping beyond their conditioned limitations, and becoming more vibrant, having deeper meaning in all they do, and ultimately more rewarding lives.

Delaine is committed to supporting people who are truly interested in finding who they really are as they complete the last chapters in the story of their lives, and facilitating whatever they wish to change. She knows how important it is to be at peace with everybody and totally complete with all experiences before the final curtain drops and the audience shows their appreciation of a life well lived..

Delaine's primary role in the project is logistics, and assisting Francis in facilitating and as a guide/coach for participants. The BE GREAT Retreat is an extraordinary adventure, designed to give participants a real chance of living their dreams and sharing that among other aspiring beings. It is a beginning but not the end..... this belongs to whatever vision arises from the plan.

There are challenges to living in India, even for the short period, and there is no apology for this, but the plan is dedicated to making the journey to, and within India as easy and enjoyable as possible. Delaine discovered this for herself, and so is able to prepare the soil, as it were, for those who follow......... Welcome to India, and the Best Exotic Marigold Retirement Plan...

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