What is it? The Concept....

For want of a better description we are calling the Marigold Retirement Plan a project in its trial phase. As long-term personal development leaders and coaches we have selected processes from some of the most outstanding psychological and metaphysical programmes available alongside methodologies from many of the mystical traditions found, such as Mystical Christianity, Sufism, Qabbalah, Vedism, Toltec, and Theosophy.

The MRP offers an environment and retreat programme that sets out to help you return yourself back to the adventure and engage in fully living. If you embrace living as an adventure you have no time for thinking about, preparing for or avoiding death, in fact Death becomes a motivating factor encouraging you to explore life to the fullest. There is one thing we can all agree on, you cannot avoid death, so it is the way in which you perceive and approach it that is Key. This Key isn't about avoiding death as much as it is engaging in life until the right time arrives. Nobody ever knows when that moment will be, except those who have the time and inclination to sit around watching for its arrival.

This is an opportunity to meet life in its most vital forms. It is also wise to note that this is not a holiday offer, but rather an opportunity to discover new things you didn't realise you could aspire to. This is a highly developed personal development opportunity designed specifically for mature people, and may be part of a curriculum for a University of the third age.

This first time trial is a rare opportunity to be part of an extraordinary experience. There are only 12 positions available, which are available for both couples and single participants. As guides, we will also be participating in the discussions and practices, and we are dedicated to challenging and supporting you to go beyond your current limitations. We will encourage you to explore your unfulfilled dreams and visions, in a way that reveals the essential you. At the end of the trial, there will be a discussion revealing the future of a dream “village”.


How can you participate?