Why Participate?

For many people The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel gave a vision of what was possible for a retirement plan in ways that were both deliberate and obvious, as well as messages that spoke to the deep unconscious mind. It was rejecting the model of being tossed out as no longer useful, being a bank for the children's whims, loneliness and lacking attractiveness. Who wants to spend their days in a rest home counting the meals to their final one?

Not many people have time to look within during their lives due to work and all their commitments to children etc, therefore the norm of looking outwards is standard until something cracks. Usually its our health or relationships which start to fall apart before we look deeper as to the cause for whatever dysfunctions arise.  So this opportunity may be the first time you have the chance to look a little deeper at yourself.

The vision for the Marigold Retirement Plan (MRP) is to offer an affordable, practical way to explore the Art of Living within an organised structure that guides, encourages, and sometimes cajoles people beyond their social and culturally limiting ideas and beliefs. The Marigold movie itself shows people who are relatively self-motivated, albeit towards options you may not be, but in the end they find more to living in the adventure than, as one character does, escaping back into the safety of one's comfort zone.


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